7 tricks to memorize music faster

How do you memorize music faster? Music transcends the limitations of space, time, and culture. Music has the power to emote without needing any words. Henceforth, unlike any other art, it can be recorded in a written universal language.

Many aspiring musicians question the value of memorization in their schooling. The answer is undoubtedly yes. Memorizing helps a lot if you want to flourish as a performer. 

You can perform with more artistic freedom when you know the music by heart, so memorizing it will help you improve quicker. Additionally, audiences enjoy listening to artists who are playing from memory rather than reading from a sheet. This blog contains tricks to memorize music faster.

7 tricks to memorize music faster

The following seven tricks will help you recall or memorize music faster without sacrificing your performance. These suggestions provide a thorough plan to help anybody master the skill, even if you are unsure of your preferred learning style.

Read the lyrics in a different font or typeface

The majority of people find it challenging to memorize song lyrics. But what if you could learn them in a different style or typeface?

According to a recent study, changing the typeface makes it easier to remember the lyrics. This happens because the mind will interpret the situation as learning a new term and draw connections. While participants were subsequently instructed to memorize these lyrics in both typefaces, they performed significantly better when they employed unfamiliar fonts.

For those who have trouble memorizing songs, altering the typeface might help.

During instrumental sections, sing

Try singing your part aloud if you’re having trouble memorizing a piece for drums, violin, guitar, bass, trumpet, or any other instrument.

Use the solfege syllables do, re, mi, etc. to sing pitched sections if you are familiar with them. But the pitch isn’t the only aspect of singing. 

Practice rhythmic tempos, dynamics, and chord progressions using your voice.

Make Use of Image Association to Recall the Song

Song-related pictures may help in song memorization. This is because our brains are designed to recall visuals more effectively than words. So, you can employ pictures that are connected to the lyrics of a song to help them stick in your memory.

Select the first image that best captures the meaning of the song’s lyrics. Next, pick an image, and then while thinking about that image, attempt to remember as many words as you can from the selected lyrics.

By doing this, you’ll be able to retain more of the song’s words and keep them from fading into obscurity in your memory.

Switch to another key

If you’re an accomplished musician, consider playing your composition in a different key. If you are familiar with Roman numeral analysis, consider chord progressions as Roman numerals and switch between several keys. 

The objective is to help you get past rote memory and comprehend the music and its principles.

Observe your hands

This is another excellent approach to applying visual learning strategies. Keep an eye on your finger positioning, vibrato application, and movement to the following note. 

Learning music is simpler when you can connect the sound and performing method by looking at your hands. 

Additionally, it develops and strengthens new brain connections that will aid in your learning of future lessons.

Pencil it down

To learn music by heart, you don’t need to play an instrument. Instead, take some lined staff paper that you printed off with you. 

Writing things down helps many individuals remember them better. So, whether you’re standing in line or on the road, transcribe the music you wish to learn using a pencil and music paper. 

This method is effective. Even if the instrument isn’t added, it makes it much simpler to hear the melody later on while you’re performing.

Request advice from other artists

One of the finest ways to discover efficient remembering methods is by asking others who have been there. 

Your instructors, friends, and online music conversation partners may provide you with various fresh tactics and practical guidance.


Your performing skill will improve if you can learn to memorize music. So concentrate on it throughout your regular practice sessions. And you’ll soon notice a remarkable improvement in your ability to remember the music easily.

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