How to take care of musical instruments?

Whether you play an instrument or are just beginning to learn, you should never forget to clean and care for your device. It’s always important to keep the musical instruments in good working order. Whether you buy or rent an instrument, you must not neglect its maintenance.

If you don’t take care of it, you might lose more than just the money you invested. So, taking care of the instrument is as important as learning to play an instrument.

How to take care of musical instruments

Here’s how you should take care of your instrument and take the required precautions when you need to.

Lock them in the Casing first

Most individuals like to store their musical instruments in areas where everyone, including guests, can see them. And the guests may make significant errors by touching your equipment. Unfortunately, this means putting your instruments on display puts them in danger of being harmed by interested visitors. 

Stringed instruments are more susceptible to such harm than wind instruments. This is because visitors can be enticed to tug the incorrect strings, which would start your problems. 

It is advised to place the instrument within the casing if you have to take it to a performance. Especially if you’re taking public transportation. The shell aids in reducing damage brought on by bumps and falls that are unintentional.

Thoroughly clean your instrument

Cleaning your instrument properly is a crucial part of instrument maintenance. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wash your hands or, at the very least, wipe them before you play. 

Over time, sweat, oil, and other pollutants on the hands can damage your instrument’s polish and make it appear dirty. So after you’ve finished playing, be sure to give your instrument a gentle wipe-down with a dry towel. Always use a soft microfiber or lint-free towel to clean your instrument off rather than applying water directly.

Since your hands are in frequent touch with your instrument, washing your hands before playing may make a significant impact. Your instrument will remain in excellent shape and perform and look its best as a result. If you can, include it in your playing regimen.

Always keep the instruments in the correct position

Your musical instrument will be more durable if you keep the instruments in the right position for many years. It is common knowledge that drums need to be tuned if left uncovered. Guitars bend when left out in the open for an extended period. And even your violin suffers if it is not laid properly.

If you take good care of your instrument, it will last longer, and you won’t need to rush for maintenance or repairs.

Keep your instrument safely stored away

Another thing to consider is how you keep your instrument when not in use. You can use a stand to keep it close at hand, depending on what it is. 

Temperature and humidity are other factors to take into account. For example, it can be detrimental to your instrument’s ability to perform effectively if you reside in a region that frequently experiences temperature changes. This might result in finish cracking and warping.

Monitor the temperature of the room

The alterations in the ambient temperature have an impact on musical instruments. Therefore, an instrument should generally be stored in a dry location. However, consider humidifying your home if the temperature rises significantly since the intense heat might make the wooden components fragile. 

The instrument’s tuning configurations are impacted by this. In addition, heat exposure might melt the joint glue, leading to weak joints. Therefore, to avoid warping and swelling of your instrument’s wooden parts during cold weather, you must keep your home warm. Additionally, this will aid in halting the development of mold.


Knowing information is one thing, but putting it into practice is quite another. So please continue to treat the expensive equipment with care. 

Playing your musical instrument is usually enjoyable and calming. But you must take good care of it to avoid dirtying or even breaking your instrument. Moreover, taking care of musical instruments daily is excellent practice for taking care of other valuable belongings, including vehicles. 

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