7 easy-to-learn musical instruments for kids

Here’re seven easy-to-learn musical instruments for your kids to begin with at any time. 

You want your kids to get involved in music. But changing your lifestyle just isn’t in the cards right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t introduce them to music. You just need to find musical instruments they can play easily and quickly.

Have no fear! You don’t need to break the bank, either. Some of these items you can find around the house or even make on your own! 

7 easy-to-learn musical instruments for kids

Here we’ve compiled a list of seven easy-to-learn musical instruments that your kids can learn quickly with minimal resources. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Pianos and keyboards

The piano or keyboard is one of the most straightforward instruments for your kid’s musical journey. They help with rhythm and music theory basics and provide an excellent foundation for learning other instruments. 

Learning to play a keyboard or piano is pretty simple—press down on each key to create a sound. And children can quickly start making delightful tunes that will keep them engaged and motivated. 

If you have space at home and are willing to commit time and money, investing in a real-life piano could be an option. If not, most electronic keyboards not only cost much less than traditional pianos but also offer many other features.

Percussion and Drums

Percussion and drums are super fun to play, and they only require a little skill to get going. And the best part? All you need is some sort of percussion instrument. Kids will love the rhythm they can produce, whether it be a homemade drum kit or a tambourine and maracas.

Tambourines are great for younger kids because they only require one hand to play, helping them stay in sync with their other hand. While maracas are a great way to introduce your child to rhythm and beats. 

If your kids are ready for more of a challenge, then drum kits might be the way to go. This type of kit also allows your kid to explore different rhythms while having tones of fun!

String Instruments

String instruments are great for learning the guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele. They’re not as hard to understand as you think! With practice and the proper instruction, your kids can get going quickly. Here are some of the most popular string instruments:

  • Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments. It’s an excellent way for kids to learn chords, scales, and improvisation. 

  • Bass

The bass is another string instrument that adds depth to any band or ensemble. Kids will have fun bringing low-end power to the music they make. 

  • Violin

The violin is a versatile instrument with an incredible number of musical styles. Learning the violin will require dedication and patience, which can be challenging to understand correctly.

  • Ukulele

Ukuleles are a tiny version of guitars, but they’re not small in sound! So if you want a more portable option for your kid, this may be what you’re looking for! Plus, ukuleles have more straightforward playing techniques than string instruments.

Brass Instruments

Brass instruments are an essential part of any musical arsenal. They lend power and emotion to a piece of music that few other instruments can match. So, why not introduce your child to the wonders of brass instruments?

There are three main brass instruments that are easy for kids to learn: the trumpet, trombone, and French horn. However, these instruments require reasonable breath control, so having your child practice deep breathing exercises before starting will be helpful.

Woodwinds Instruments

Woodwinds are a great choice if you’re looking for some traditional instruments to get your kids started on. They have an easy learning curve for basic music theory and practice like fingering, timing, and breath control.

Woodwinds come in many sizes and types, making choosing the right one tricky. Here are a few easy ones to get your kids started with:

  • Recorder

The recorder is an inexpensive plastic or wood instrument perfect for beginners. It only has eight holes to memorize but requires steady breath control as your little one blows into it.

  • Clarinet

The clarinet is an excellent choice because it has a range of two octaves and can be found in plastic and wooden models. It also teaches kids not just how to play but also how to read sheet music!

  • Flute

The flute is the most accessible metal wind instrument to learn with a unique sound. It has an excellent range and dynamic capabilities that can be used in all styles, from classical to pop.

Harp and harpsichord

The harp and harpsichord are two of the most unique-looking instruments out there. But they’re also fun to learn, making them an excellent choice for kids.

To learn how to play the harp, precision, and timing are required. In addition, kids can practice strumming their strings to create beautiful music.

The harpsichord is similar to a piano yet has its own distinct sound. It uses quills or plectra to pluck strings rather than hammers like the piano does. Kids will have fun learning how to play this majestic-sounding instrument as well as learning about its history over the centuries.

Both of these instruments require patience and dedication from kids, but it’s worth it!

Bowed String Instruments

You can introduce your kids to bowed string instruments for a slightly bigger challenge. This family of instruments is played by holding a bow across the strings, including the violin and cello. 

With some basic instruction, like listening to and following along with recordings and regularly practicing the notes, your kids can learn them quickly.


We hope these seven easy-to-learn musical instruments can open the door to a world of artistic expression for your kid. But, of course, your kids’ musical journey could be just getting started with some practice and the proper direction. So what better time than now to expose them to something new? 

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