A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of EDM Genres

Are you a fan of EDM songs? And want to know more about it! EDM is a vast genre that offers many types of musical combinations. So, here in this article, let’s learn different types of EDM genres if you don’t know them yet. 

The world of EDM songs is wider than you can probably think. So, let’s start with what is EDM. 

What is EDM?

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of EDM Genres

In short, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is something you can feel deep within your soul. It directly touches your soul through its captivating rhythms and catchy melodies, creating an urge to move your body with its beats. This music genre is constantly evolving and changing with time. So, you’ll find everything here, from soothing melodies to energetic beats. There are even big EDM festivals to feel the thrill of Electronic Dance Music on bigger stages with huge audiences.

Popular EDM genres: 

There’s an EDM genre for you, whether you’re in the mood for something euphoric, intense, or downright groovy. 

1. House

House music is the genre that’s all about good vibes and a steady groove. This type of music is best suited to slow parties or soulful clubs. House music is like that friendly neighbour who always knows how to throw the best parties. This genre’s got everything from soulful Deep House to energetic Tech House.

2. Trance 

You can guess from its name what it’s capable of. This music truly can transport you to another world with its dreamy compositions. It has the ability to touch your heart and make your spirit soar. So, if you want to enjoy something unworldly, try this music genre and feel the experience. 

3. Dubstep

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? Dubstep is here to give you that extraordinary feeling you’ve been craving. This music genre is famous for its intricate rhythms and heavy bass drops. So, if you want to explore something you’ve never tried before, it’s perfect for you. 

4. D&B

Drum and Bass (D&B) is the genre that’s all about energy and speed. With lightning-fast beats and pulsating basslines, D&B is like a shot of pure musical wonder. It’s the soundtrack to those high moments when you need a burst of motivation. So, whether you’re hitting the gym or conquering a deadline, D&B has your back.

5. Techno 

With its rise in the 1980s in the United States, Techno has a significant share in the EDM genre. The fusion of many genres and subgenres created this music. So, you can say it’s a combination of everything; hence, you can find everything here.   


This guide to different EDM genres ends here. So, do you find this helpful? If you are new to the world of EDM, take a slow step here to enjoy what it offers. I’m sure you’ll find something of your choice that will complete your quest and soothe your heart.  


1: What does EDM stand for?

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music.

2: How did EDM originate?

EDM has its roots in the underground dance music scene, with influences from disco, techno, and house music.

3: Can I listen to EDM outside of clubs and festivals?

Of course! EDM is perfect for any setting, whether you’re chilling at home, going for a run, or driving with friends.

4: How can I discover new EDM artists and tracks?

Streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud are great places to explore new EDM artists and tracks. You can also follow EDM blogs and social media accounts for recommendations.

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